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Obtain secured property tax information

Property tax calendar

All Taxes

  • January 1
    Lien Date—the day your property’s value is assessed.

Secured Taxes

  • October
    Tax bills are mailed
  • November 1
    First Installment is due
  • December 10
    Last day to pay First Installment without penalties
  • February 1
    Second Installment is due
  • April 10
    Last day to pay Second Installment without penalties
  • June 30
    Last day to pay current year's taxes without additional penalties

Unsecured Taxes

  • July
    Tax bills are mailed and due upon receipt
  • August 31
    Last day to pay unsecured taxes without penalties

Note: If December 10, April 10, or August 31 fall on a weekend or County of Santa Clara holiday, then the Delinquent Date is extended to the next business day.

Please consult your tax bill for important notes regarding penalties, fees, and other ramifications of paying after the delinquent date.

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